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Julia Barnett (Julie)

Julia spent several years working in East Africa with The African Children's Choir as well working on relief efforts in the Southern Sudan and Rwanda. She washed her hair in a bucket, ate grasshoppers, faced off military men and "adopted" children. However, she is most proud of her African friends and "family" that will be forever a part of her life.

Even after moving to NYC as an actress, she remains actively involved with The African Children's Choir. However, she has been busy with her acting career as well. Her many principle roles on NY T.V. shows, include: Law and Order: SVU, ED, Trial by Jury, Queens Supreme, The Chappelle Show and One Life to Live. This year she was in the Oscar nominated Disney film, "Howl's Moving Castle", and the independent features "Noise" and "The Drum Beats Twice".

Julia's greatest achievement to date is the birth of her first child, Zander (as of this writing, due June 18th, 2006). She lives with her husband, Van Tracy, a lawyer and accomplished theater actor, in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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